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   Tiger Battalion Knowledge About the Battalion Commander

  • This position is the most demanding in the cadet battalion. The instructor staff selects the cadet for this position based upon demonstrated leadership ability and academic standing.

  • The appointed cadet must able to apply common sense and judgement in the solving of problems that affect the entire cadet corps.

  • The battalion commander must be mature, willing to accept responsibility, and able to effectively delegate authority and supervise subordinates.

  • The battalion commander controls the staff through the battalion executive officer and the companies through the company commanders, while maintaining the final approval authority in the cadet chain of command.
  • The duties of the Battalion Commander

    • Command the battalion at all formations.

    • Prepare for and conduct the training of the battalion on drill days.

    • Maintain a direct and personal relationship with the staff and the company commanders.

    • Encourage the company commanders to communicate freely.

    • Use the staff to assist in gathering information and preparing plans for conducting training and controlling the battalion.

    • Designate staff officers to assist in the preparation, execution, and supervision of orders.

    • Ensure that feelings of mutual respect and confidence exist between the staff and company commanders.

    • Ensure that staff members are capable and that they understand their responsibilities to the battalion commander, battalion executive officer, and to the corps of cadets.

    • Ensure orders and actions are in compliance with JROTC regulations, policies, and directives and with local school regulations and policies.

    • Execute all responsibilities in the name of the Senior Army Instructor; seek advice and assistance from the instructor staff and carry out all of their directives and quickly and completely.

    • Arrange the required meetings and assemble the required command or staff personnel to determine any actions that may be necessary in fulfilling the obligations of the cadet battalion,

    • Be prepared to evaluate any member of the battalion, but specifically the battalion headquarters personnel and the company commanders.

    • Make operational decisions for the cadet battalion.

    • Presides over officer calls.

    • Work with school authorities in coordinating activities of the cadet battalion with the organizations of the school, ensuring that battalion activities are in the accordance with school policy.

    • In coordination with the Senior Army Instructor, assign missions to all extra-curriculat team captains (e.g., drill team, color guard and raides,)

    • Be responsible for all the battalion does or fails to do.
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